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Existing Reports

Check list of existing reports provided by Europa Analytics (EA).

Platform by Standard Compliance

Information about the most used platform(s) for EUROPA is needed as we have to check if the UX is correct. For the time being transformed Report Browsers is used. 

Possible alternative approach

Organise devices by their support for web standards; so to sort by rendering engine/layout engine/web browser engine [1] which defines the capacity of the internet browser to interpret the HTML, CSS, JS, ...

As result could be reports on

  • devices focused to browsers
    • major version of internet browsers (omitting the night builds solving security issues of the [GUI] etc)
    • OS
  • devices focused to mobility

Gecko is a free and open source layout engine used notably by Firefox web browser [2]

  • Netscape 6, Mozilla Application Suite (later renamed SeaMonkey), Firefox, Camino, Flock, K-Meleon and the version of MS Internet Explorer that runs under Wine, Google's Picasa (for Linux), DevHelp (GTK+/GNOME browser for API documentation), Swiftfox, Portable Firefox, Fennec, Conkeror, Classilla, HP Secure Web Browser, Oxygen, Minimo, My Internet Browser, Sylera (for mobile), Thunderbird (email), Sunbird (calendar), Songbird (music player), Instantbird, Sugar for the OLPC XO-1 computer.

A layout engine developed by Microsoft for inclusion in the Macintosh version of Internet Explorer 5. At the time of its release, Tasman was seen as the layout engine with the best support for web standards. (Internet Explorer for Mac is no longer supported, but newer versions of Tasman are incorporated in some other current Microsoft products - like MSN for Mac OS X and Office 2004 for Mac). [3]

  • MS IE 5 on Mac (1999) [4]

Used by MS IE, MS Outlook Express [5], MS Outlook [6], Winamp [7], RealPlayer [8] and many more

  • Trident/MSHTML 4.0.x
    • MS IE 4.0
  • before Trident
    • MSIE 2 (1995)[9] - MSIE 3 (1996)[10]
Spyglass [11] [12]
    • MSIE 1.0 (1995)- MSIE 1.5 (1996)

WebKit is used as the rendering engine within Safari on Windows, Mac OS X and iOS. Other applications on Mac OS X can make use of WebKit, for example Apple's e-mail client Mail and the 2008 version of Microsoft's Entourage personal information manager both make use of WebKit to render e-mail messages with HTML content.

  • Google Chrome [13], S60 browser on Symbian mobile phones, Midori, Shiira, Uzbl, Maxthon 3 and the Android Web browser, OmniWeb, iCab, Epiphany, Palm's WebOS, Valve Corporation's Steam uses WebKit, Adobe's AIR application platform, Adobe Creative Suite CS5, Amazon Silk

Platform by Devices (SmartPhone, HandHeld, WebTV, WorkStation ...)

  1. Mobile devices (all: phones, pda, game console, media player, etc)
    1. Mobile phones
      1. Phone type
        1. Feature phones (regular cellphones) with a tiny screen and a numeric keypad. These devices account for the vast majority of the market (at least 85% in some reports).
        2. Smartphones, in a range of form factors, typically with a mid-sized screen and a full A-Z keypad.
        3. Touch-screen phones (such as the iPhone) with a nearly device-sized screen and a true GUI driven by direct manipulation and touch gestures.
      2. Operating system (for example: Symbian, iPhone OS, Android, Windows mobile, linux, RIM, ...)
      3. Screen resolution (for example: 240x320, 240x400, 176x220, 128x160, 320x240, ...)
  2. Other (the list needs frequent updates)

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