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Directorate-General or DG is a major unit of the organisation of the European Commission [1], the European Parliament and most other EU institution.

Legacy list of DGs [1]

  • DG I: External Relations
  • DG II: Economy & Finance
  • DG III: Industry
  • DG IV: Competition
  • DG V: Employment & Social Affairs
  • DG VI: Agriculture
  • DG VII: Transport
  • DG VIII: Development
  • DG IX: Personnel & Administration
  • DG X: Information, Communication, Culture & Audiovisual
  • DG XI: Environment
  • DG XII: Research
  • DG XIII: Information Society
  • DG XIV: Fisheries
  • DG XV: Internal Market & Financial Services
  • DG XVI: Regional Policies & Cohesion
  • DG XVII: Energy
  • DG XXI: Customs & Indirect Taxation
  • DG XXII: Education & Culture
  • DG XXIII: Enterprise Policy, Distributive Trades, Tourism & Cooperatives
  • DG XXIV: Consumer Policy & Consumer Health Protection
  • Informatics Directorate (DI)

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  1. Hellenic Resources Network, Sources on the European Union
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