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Not to be confused with DEMETRA.
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Demetra+ and JDemetra+ are seasonal adjustment software based on the two leading algorithms in that domain, i.e. TRAMO-SEATS and X-12-ARIMA/X-13-ARIMA-SEATS.[1]


  • Demetra+
  • JDemetra+, Java based Demetra, aka NbDemetra based on the NetBeans platform.
    • JDemetra 1.4.1 [V]
    • JDemetra 1.5.2 [V]
    • JDemetra 2.0.0 [V], released on 27.02.2015
  • Demetra+ is available as a Virtualized Application and also as virtualized Excel "add-ins"; however, main caveat is that it launches several instances of Excel.

Important Note

The Excel plug-in permitting to run Demetra+ directly from Excel is not anymore supported and distributed. JDemetra+ is the new European software for Seasonal Adjustment, recommended by both Eurostat and the ECB, and I would advise you to move to it, as some Eurostat units already did. You could contact Dario Buono from Eurostat for more information. You will not find at the moment a plug-in permitting a direct access to JD+ from Excel but, as Demetra+ was, JD+ is very user-friendly and can easily read Excel files and output csv files.

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You can download JD+ from the following link:

  •, JDemetra+, download JDemetra+ core libraries and main application.

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  1. CROS portal, Seasonal adjustment software
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