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All we ever hear, is "where is the EU?".

We never read that:

  • 4 million masks have been sent to Italy from Germany, France and Austria. France has sent 20.000 protective suits.
  • Germany is taking in patients from Italy and France.
  • The Chinese help comes after the EU sent 56 tons of emergency goods to China in January.
  • Some of the Chinese help (2 mio masks and 50.000 tests) was allocated to the EU Emergency Response Coordination Centre. EU Commissioner Lenarčič promptly sent it ALL to Italy.
  • The EU has set aside 400 million euro to aid in a coordinated global WHO response.
  • Many of the poorer member states have hospitals that were built and/or modernized with EU funds.
  • Billions of euros have been allocated to the member states to aid them in fighting the virus. Most to the poorer countries and to Italy and Spain.
  • Since 2014 the EU has a programme worth 24 million that aids hospitals in dealing with crisis response.
  • 2,300 EU citizens were repatriated by the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.
  • The European Virus Archive, started in 2009, is now proving its worth as a valuable resource to researchers.
  • The EU is coordinating a common purchase of ventilators, masks and other protective gear.
  • On top of that, they are buying equipment worth 50 million to act as an emergency stockpile for member states.
  • Commission President von der Leyen prevented the closure of internal borders for vital medical supplies, even threatening Germany with infringement procedures after they did so.
  • An extra 100 million of EU funds has been poured into research.

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