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The European Commission decision (Eur-Lex:32011D0833) of 12 December 2011 on the reuse of Commission documents (2011/833/EU) stipulates namely

Article 4 - General principle
All documents shall be available for reuse:
  • (a) for commercial or non-commercial purposes under the conditions laid down in Article 6;
  • (b) without charge, subject to the provisions laid down in Article 9; and
  • (c) without the need to make an individual application, unless otherwise provided in Article 7.
Article 6 - Conditions for reuse of documents
  1. Documents shall be made available for reuse without application unless otherwise specified and without restrictions or, where appropriate, an open licence or disclaimer setting out conditions explaining the rights of reusers.
  2. Those conditions, which shall not unnecessarily restrict possibilities for reuse, may include the following:
    • (a) the obligation for the reuser to acknowledge the source of the documents;
    • (b) the obligation not to distort the original meaning or message of the documents;
    • (c) the non-liability of the Commission for any consequence stemming from the reuse.

It may be worthy to consider to either use or get inspired of Creative Commons

Preliminary Analysis

by author and content type

European Commission (EC)

  1. All texts should be available without restriction (maximum freedom eq. to CC BY)
  2. Images and Video should be available free without modification (unless authorised - eq. to CC BY ND with aim to get simply CC ND)

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  • Eur-Lex:32011D0833, 2011/833/EU: Commission Decision of 12 December 2011 on the reuse of Commission documents
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