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Content Management System of the Flexible Platform (or FPFIS-CMS previously Multisite) is a WCMS maintained by DIGIT based on Drupal Framework (in other words Drupal distribution for public administration websites).

FPFIS-CMS is actually powered by the Drupal 7 on LAMP

The FPFIS-CMS is as part of the FPfIS platform.

The FPFIS-CMS addresses the following concerns
The European Commission announced in the Commission Internet strategy plans to transform the EUROPA web site from a source of one-way information into a tool for communication and interaction (i.e. provide modern interactive web sites for the citizens and stakeholders).
Web sites are a key tool for external communications. They are the institution's business card. Websites are a very cost-effective and efficient means of communication. EUROPA now hosts over 460 websites. EUROPA would benefit from fewer and better sites to respond to user needs. To address the shortcomings, as part of the Commission's IT governance process, the College on 30 November 2011, instructed Commission departments to rationalise the Institution's web presence.
Reduce the cost (human, financial, technical) of the Commission's web presence via exploiting economies of scale and eliminating redundancies by building corporate solutions. The European Commission should offer a corporate service which optimizes and harmonizes the use of different website tools, which speeds up the creation of new external dynamic and social websites (i.e. in days or weeks and not months) and which provides a common solid modern shared infrastructure to support the rapid deployment of these sites.
Avoid vendor lock-in via use of Open Source tools (also contributing to the Commission's Open Source Strategy) and via the use of service framework contracts resulting from an open call for tender.


These services are offered to the DGs that wish to deploy external, dynamic and social websites in the Commission’s EUROPA domain or within an extranet context (also known as Commission's webgates access) for the following purposes:

Programme site
Offers direct services to users in the context of a programme managed by the Commission.
Campaign site
A highly interactive site in support of a specific communication campaign.
Event site
Temporary site created in the context of a European Union, Commission or DG event aimed at the general public (e.g. European Week of Regions and Cities) and promoting and supporting the event’s organisation. Events can be one-off special events or recurring events.
Audience site
A portal offering specific services to a particular audience and providing the gateway to all relevant sites within EUROPA that are of interest.


Europa websites on FPFIS-CMS

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