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The Classification of Products by Activity (CPA) aims to ensure comparability between national and Community classifications and hence national and Community statistics.[1]

The statistical Classification of Products by Activity in the European Economic Community (CPA) is the official product classification by activity of the European Union. CPA classifies products by their physical characteristics as goods or by their intrinsic nature as services and by originating activity. Originating activities are those defined by NACE. It is the European version of the CPC (the Central Product Classification of the United Nations), and the purposes it serves are in line with those of the CPC. Whilst the CPC is merely a recommended classification, however, the CPA is legally binding in the European Community. In addition, the specific survey classifications were and are linked to the CPA unless the CPA is itself used as a survey classification.[2]

See also

  • CPC
  • NACE
  • Eur-Lex:31993R3696: Council Regulation (EEC) No 3696/93 of 29 October 1993 on the statistical classification of products by activity (CPA) in the European Economic Community


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