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Bounce Rate Report is a generic reports of Europa Analytics.

The Bounce Rate analyses the tendency of visitors to abandon your site before reading its content.

The Bounce Rate report lists the pages within a website that "bounced" the most. Bounces are defined as sessions where a single page is viewed by the visitor, and that page is both the entry and exit page. Bounce rate is the percentage of requests (prospective bounces) that successfully returned a page. A prospective bounce is the first valid page that is returned to a user within a session.

A session can have more than one page request before the first page that is viewed. Examples of this are redirected pages and error pages. A session is not a bounce session if any page request occurs after the one-page view.

The top URLs are selected from each day, not from the overall period. This method enables you to add the date value to the report and to subset the results accordingly.

EA Bounce Rate reports Notes

Following prompts are optional 
  • Subsite
  • URLs you (do not) want to see appearing in the results. Both can be combined.
Following input can be changed 
  • Number of URLs to display: specifies the number of URLs to display, based on the number of URLs you entered in the input field. The default is set to 10.
the higher the value is set the slower the response time will be, as all the data need to be transfered.

Edit text in the report

Europa Analytics allows the user to edit the text displayed in the report.

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