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DIGIT backups the file-system at SASCOMP2.

The backup of the file-system for SAS Web Analytics datamart & backups takes currently between 10 and 20hrs. This also includes taking an own snapshot by zipping the whole datamart in the backup directory (currently 1 version=200gb).

A separate filesystem for the backup should be better as it this allows:

  • to keep 2 full zipped backups to make sure the backup is taken synced.
  • to make the backup service quicker as it will backup in parallel (the datamart and backup filesystem).
Size estimate
  • Data Bckp as from 01.09.2010 (before needed to backup filesystem: 2 versions x (200GB + 100GB for growth)
    • Mountpoint: /ec/prod/sas/sascomp2/backup
    • Size: 600 GB
    • Ownership: saswa / (Full access)


Backup does not seem being reliable because of too many failures. Main reasons appear to be size of files (too big), and investigations are being run.


  1. set flag on folders which can be backup (no risk that they'll be changed, moved ...)
  2. reduce the volume of the data backup
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