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  • Ideas for your presentations: Videos, ppts, etc. (See video: 'What has Europe done for us' )
  • Presentations given at Back to School training seminar
  • Back to School Contact person in your country The Contact person can explain the next steps of your participation
    • In addition to your own material, promo gifts, etc., you may wish to ask EC Rep what material they can send to your school.
    • Contact EC Press officer if you require media contacts

What's so great about an ever closer union anyway?

  1. No Kidding, Peace
  2. The French Countryside
  3. Easier Travel
  4. Ireland's Revival
  5. That Burgundy Passport
  6. GSM
  7. Work Where You Want
  8. Good News for Galicia
  9. Cern
  10. The Euro
  11. Airbus
  12. Better Football
  13. Erasmus
  14. Tabloid Heaven
  15. The Fourth Movement of Beethoven's Ninth
  16. Clean Beaches
  17. Safer Food
  18. Taking Climate Change Seriously
  19. A Reason to Go to Brussels
  20. Eastward Look, the Land is Bright,9171,1598997-2,00.html

Promotional Videos

Promotional video (46sec), EUtube
Europe, from war to peace (5min 43sec) - Nobel Peace Prize 2012 - to EU, eucouncil
The EU institutions explained by their Presidents (9min 13sec) - A view from the inside: the Presidents of the main European Union institutions share their views, eucouncil

see also
7 hidden treasures on EUTube [1] and European Institutions Youtube channels

Infographic from the EP - salaries, budget etc

EACA - The Museum of Europe for

Czech republic

introduction to Eurobuble (59sec)
Job ins Europbuble (1m56sec)
hot summer holiday EHIC
notes for better Europe - spending money (2m54)
Film lover will love this (MEDIA)
Nobel price 2012 (5m43sec) 23vl
aceMedia project 1m41sec
Chemical party
saving water in shower 1m3sec
European Year of Citizens 2013
Evropská občanská iniciativa


6 h Brouettes
Teaser (1m38sec)
flasmob (3m56sec)
hidden tresures (simmilar but different)
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