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SDMX in action

Quick Reference (Guide)

SDMX Implementation for Data Exchange

SDMX Newsletter

SDMX implementation for Metadata Exchange

Eurostat Projects
Census Hub | National Accounts | Balance of Payments | Fisheries
Waste | Aviation | Research & Development | Pesticides

The ESS Metadata System

Some description if needed

Standards for reference metadata

The ESS-Metadata Handler (ESS-MH)

Standards for structural metadata

ESS-MH Newsletter

SDMX Training Events

Training courses on SDMX are offered by Eurostat in regular intervals, usually in spring and autumn. The exact dates for the next sessions are published on this page once approved.

SDMX Basics and Advanced

SDMX Trainings: Basics
Introduction to SDMX basic concepts and tools
NEXT: To be determined

SDMX Trainings: Developers
How to use software based on Eurostat open source components
NEXT: To be determined

Other Training Events

Training material from special sessions and workshops

SDMX for metadata: Introductory and Advanced

How to produce and report national metadata files
NEXT: 28 November 2012

Webinar training on national metadata
NEXT: 20.03.2013 NRME training
21.11.2012 NRME Webinar
06.02.2013 NRME Webinar
10.04.2013 NRME Webinar

ESTP Course on Metadata

Learning SDMX: Tutorials

A set of online tutorials helping to get familiar with the SDMX standard (Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange)
Each tutorial consists of a student book, a self-test and a video

Welcome to SDMX
Why and how SDMX can help you

Metadata Structure Definition
Explains how SDMX structures reference metadata

Introduction to SDMX
Outline of SDMX in terms of its history and main components

SDMX-ML Messages
Describes the XML based transmission format supported by SDMX

SDMX Information Model
A description of the SDMX Information Model for data and metadata and its main objects

XML based technologies used in SDMX
The XML technology and the advantages of using it in SDMX

Data Structure Definition
Explains how data is structured in SDMX

SDMX Architecture for data sharing
How SDMX can facilitate data sharing using different IT architectures (push, pull, hub)

Open Source Software for SDMX

Overview of SDMX tools developed and published by Eurostat

SDMX Converter
Converts data files between SDMX formats and other file formats

Data Structure Wizard (DSW)
Used to create, edit and test SDMX artefacts

SDMX Registry
A central repository for storing and sharing SDMX artefacts

SDMX Reference Infrastructure (SDMX-RI)
A set of tools that allows to connect your IT systems to the SDMX world

Mapping Assistant
Mapping and transcoding of the contents of an existing database to SDMX data structures

XSD Generator
Generates a standard XML schema definition for a given SDMX DSD

See also

  • Website - To know more about the SDMX standard and the sponsoring organisations forming the SDMX secretariat.
  • SDMX Tools Repository - To search for SDMX tools developed by different companies and international organisations.
  • SDMX projects on Joinup - The collaborative platform created by the European Commission for sharing and reusing open-source software, semantic assets and other interoperability solutions for public administrations.
  • Eurostat Website - General information about Eurostat, a DG of the European Commision.

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