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The Data Structure Wizard is a desktop application that is able to convert/edit commonly used metadata formats into SDMX-ML formats. It contains an interface that allows the user to select a given Data Structure and to complete the data according to the requirements.

After a set of processes, the Metadata Conversion Tool is able to 'convert' that data into a SDMX-ML message that is sent to the SDMX Metadata Loader for further processing.

Data Structure Wizard is a Java standalone application that supports version 2 of the SDMX standard. It can be used both offline and on-line, depending on user choice and access rights. The offline mode is intended to be used for the maintenance of the following SDMX v2.0 artefacts: Data Structure Definitions, Code Lists, Concept Schemes, Data Flows, Hierarchical Code lists, Category Schemes and Organization Schemes.

Another facility of the application is that it offers the possibility to dynamically create a template for a specified DSD in SDMX v2.0 format. These templates could be populated and then create sample data files which could be transformed in HTML format and saved locally. This will offer a more friendly view of the sample data SDMX-ML files that have been created by using the application.

Also, DSW provides a mechanism for importing/exporting SDMX-ML v2.0 DSDs and a mechanism for importing/exporting DSDs from/to GESMES/TS structure files.

In the on-line mode, the tool communicates with any standard-compliant SDMX Registry (e.g. BIS or OECD could have an SDMX-Registry besides Eurostat) offering in the same time all the functionalities provided in the offline mode, too. The application offers the possibility to connect to SDMX Registry with “query” privilege and update the local repository. Moreover, after editing the DSD artefacts locally, the edited (or a new) artefact can be submitted;to the SDMX Registry (“maintain” privilege).

The tool is licenced under the terms of the European Union Public Licence V.1.1

All versions of the tool can be downloaded from CircaBC repository.

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