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Publications:Early Childhood Education and Care Systems in Europe: National Information Sheets – 2014/15

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ECEC National sheets Vignette.jpg

Date of publication: 12 November 2015

Full version: EN

The national information sheets give a concise overview of the key features of early childhood education and care systems in Europe.

All the EU Member States are covered as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey. The reference year is 2014/15.

For each country, a diagram shows the main elements of the organisation of the national system in early childhood education and care with a short description of the main types of provision. There is also information on access issues such as age range for place guarantee and participation rates and fees, on quality issues such as group size regulations and education guidelines, and on current reforms.

This report provides supporting and complementary evidence to the Eurydice report Structural Indicators for Monitoring Education and Training Systems 2015.