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Ongoing Reforms and Policy Developments

Uit Eurydice

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This topic provides a thematic and chronological overview of ongoing national reforms and policy developments since 2012.
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Overall national education strategy and key objectives
This describes the overall education strategy and the key objectives across the whole education system.

Overview of the education reform process and drivers

This describes how the education reform process is organised in country in question and who the main actors in this

Ongoing reforms and policy developments

Reforms are broad together in the following broad thematic areas that largely correspond to the education levels:

Reforms in Early Childhood Education and Care

Reforms in School Education

Reforms in Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning

Reforms in Higher Education

Reforms related to Transversal Skills and Employability

European Perspective

 Austria Greece.png Greece                    Portugal.png Portugal  
Belgium.png Belgium (Flemish Community) Hungary.png Hungary Romania.png Romania
Belgium.png Belgium (French Community) Iceland.png Iceland Slovakia.png Slovakia
Belgium.png Belgium (German-Speaking Community) Ireland.png Ireland                        Slovenia.png Slovenia
Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Italy.png Italy Spain.png Spain
Croatia.png Croatia Latvia.png Latvia Sweden.png Sweden
Cyprus.png Cyprus Liechtenstein.png Liechtenstein Switzerland.png Switzerland
Czech.png Czech Republic Lithuania.png Lithuania Turkey.png Turkey
Denmark.png Denmark Luxembourg.png Luxembourg Uk.png United Kingdom (England)
Estonia.png Estonia Malta.png Malta Uk.png United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)
Finland.png Finland Netherland.png Netherlands Uk.png United Kingdom (Scotland)
France.png France Norway.png Norway Uk.png United Kingdom (Wales)
Germany.png Germany Poland.png Poland