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News:Lithuania: approved new Teacher Training Model

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Date of publication: 18 December 2017

The 2016-2020 Government has started implementing reforms in the education sector. The main aim of these reforms is to ensure the quality and effectiveness of education. In order to reach these aims there should be some management changes; the core curriculum needs to be revised and the systemic pedagogical issues must be solved. Furthermore, Lithuania faces issues concerning the teachers’ sector; more than 50 percent of teachers are over 50 and this sector attracts very few young teachers. The transformation of the teaching sector involves improving teacher training and continuous professional development, as well as improving working conditions and career opportunities for teachers. The implementation of the reforms creates and consolidates legal preconditions, and strengthens educational studies and research. There are plans to recruit pedagogical and scientific staff in more so-called prestigious universities to negotiate with trade unions on a full-time payment model for school teachers.

On 14 September 2017 the Minister of Education and Science approved the Teacher Training Model. It reflects the essential provisions for the selection of pedagogical studies, teacher training and professional development. This is a conceptual document which serves as a basis for the development of a Pedagogical Competences Inventory. The teacher training regulations and other legal acts will also be reviewed. The Ministry of Education and Science expects that from 2020 the new teachers’ generation will be trained based on the new Teacher Training Model.

Source: Lithuanian Eurydice Unit