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Malta:Other Dimensions of Internationalisation in Higher Education

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Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST)

The Institute of Community Services within MCAST started collaborating with the Commissioner for Children’s Office by helping out in the activities organised to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Malta’s Ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The event involved various government agencies and departments involved in children’s health, education, social protection, sports and culture. About thirty students from the various courses within the Institute volunteered and actively participated in all the activities taking place on the day.

Voluntary Work at Inspire, the Foundation for Inclusion, was organised by the students of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering for another consecutive year. Inspire, helps over a thousand children and adults with learning and physical disabilities in their five centres in Malta and Gozo. The students who volunteered helped set up the Christmas Village lights for an annual fund raising event organised for the general public. This provided students with an opportunity for hands-on practical experience whilst also helped them develop other essential skills for holistic development.

For the second consecutive year, through the Pathway to Independent Living Programme, students have participated in the Crocus Project. Yellow Narcissus bulbs are a symbol of the yellow Star of David that Jews were forced to wear under Nazi rule. This project is held in memory of all the children, Jewish and not, who died in the Holocaust. First year students planted yellow Narcissus bulbs and watched the movie ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’. This project presents an opportunity to discuss and raise awareness about issues such as discrimination, racism, prejudice and injustice.

University of Malta

The University of Malta is offering students the opportunity of following International Masters Programmes. These are being offered on a Dual Degree basis with each Masters being accredited by the University of Malta and at least another leading North American or European University. These programmes which are varied, seek to achieve a wider exchange of cultural viewpoints, networks and experiences whilst providing students with global work opportunities.

Numerous student and faculty organisations are found operating within the University of Malta Campus. These societies are an integral part of university life, which provides services yet enhance campus life and cover a wide variety of opportunities, whether socio-political, religious or cultural, leisure and entertainment activities as well as opportunities abroad. Student and faculty organisations thus offer members the possibility of being active at university in non-academic interests whilst broadening their outlook on life. A list of the student and faculty organisations with a brief description can be viewed through these links.

The University of Malta has teamed up with the Bank of Valletta to offer the DegreePlus. This provides all students with an opportunity to enrich their academic studies with extra skills and experiences that can add value to their knowledge base. Students can participate in formal and informal activities such as voluntary work and get formal official recognition for it without the added stress of tests and examinations. Time slots are reserved for DegreePlus on the University timetable on Wednesdays and Fridays between 12.00hrs  and 14.00hrs. Unless otherwise stated all DegreePlus units are offered against a payment of 15 Euro per unit. These are refundable through the Students’ Smart Card. The link below provides an outline of the extensive formal and informal learning opportunities students can participate in through the programme.