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Latvia:Management and Other Education Staff

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In May 2011 the Cabinet of Ministers issued regulations Noteikumi par pedagogu profesiju un amatu sarakstu on list of professions and posts for pedagogues (teachers). The following list of posts refers to management and support education staff not directly responsible for teaching, but working in schools, higher and adult education:

Heads and deputy heads of education institutions

  • Rector
  • Pro-rector
  • Head/director (in the field of education)
  • Deputy head/deputy director (in the field of education)
  • Dean
  • Pro-dean
  • School director
  • Deputy school director
  • College director
  • Deputy college director
  • Head of department
  • Sports organizer

Education methodology specialists

  • Education methodologist
  • Pre-school education methodologist
  • Sports methodologist

Posts at education institution likened to posts of pedagogues

  • Education psychologist
  • Social pedagogue
  • Teacher mentor
  • School guidance counsellor
  • Education institution librarian
  • Assistant of pedagogue