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Czech-Republic:Management and Other Education Staff

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Overview – Management and Other Education Staff

Settings for children under 3 years of age and child groups

A trader or supervisor who is in charge for a childcare centre for children under the age of three must fulfil qualification requirements given by the Trade Law. The requirements are identical to those which apply to professionals working in these centres (with the exception of the qualification for ambulance care assistants).  Conditions for management staff in child groups are not set. The provider who can be physical or legal person is fully responsible for the services.


The school head is responsible for the administration and management of nursery schools (mateřská škola), basic schools (základní škola), secondary schools (střední škola) and tertiary professional schools (vyšší odborná škola) or a school facility. At schools which have the legal status of a subsidised organisation or a school legal entity (i.e. most public and denominational schools), the school head is the authorised body. School heads have full responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of the educational process, as well as for the financial management of schools, the recruitment and dismissal of teachers, etc.

The evaluation of schools and school facilities is provided systematically by the Czech School Inspectorate (see External evaluation of schools/institutions). School inspectors carry out inspection activities in schools and school facilities included in the Register of Schools and School Facilities.

At schools and school facilities, there is also qualified staff to provide guidance and advisory service, as well as psychological support. At basic schools, secondary schools and tertiary professional schools, school advisers (vychovný poradce) and school prevention specialists (školní metodik prevence) are employed. At some schools, school psychologists (psycholog) or school special educational needs specialists (speciální pedagog) operate as well.

Other education staff include following categories of employees: a teacher's assistant (asistent pedagoga), educational childcare staff (vychovatel), a teacher responsible for leisure activities (pedagog volného času), and a coach (trenér).

Higher education institutions

The responsibility for the administration and management of public or state higher educational institutions (vysoká škola) lies with the rector (rektor).

Legislative framework

The Education Act stipulates the competences of a school head and procedure for his/her appointment and qualification prerequisites for worker of the Czech School Inspectorate.

The Act on Education Staff sets prerequisites for performance of activities of education staff (school heads, education advisers and other education workers).

Responsibilities of a rector of higher education institution and procedures for his/her appointment are stipulated by a Higher Education Act.

Legislative and bibliography:

Education Act

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