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WPL Preparing smart statistics

Workpackage L (WPL) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on smart statistics. Its main objective is to explore the expanding 'internet of things' (IoT) in order to produce trusted smart statistics in various statistical domains and using various data sources. As the range of topics within IoT is huge, however, WPL more particularly aims at providing an overview of relevant topics for official statistics, at showing their variety and at identifying promising topics to be be analysed further. Within this context, the availability and accessibility of different data sources will also be checked.

WPL will prepare the ground for future actions on trusted smart statistics by concentrating on the IoT data sources and devices with potential relevance to official statistics, resulting in an overview of the data landscape. Within the limited duration no proofs of concept or experimental statistics are envisaged, but the work of WPL will lay the ground for future actions aiming at these.

WPL is carried out by representatives of twelve ESSnet Big Data partners: Destatis (Statistics Germany) which is leading WPL, Statistics Austria, BBB (Office for Statistics Berlin-Brandenburg), NSI (Statistics Bulgaria), Statistics Finland, INSEE (Statistics France), ISTAT (Statistics Italy), CBS (Statistics Netherlands), SSB (Statistics Norway), GUS (Statistics Poland), INE (Statistics Portugal) and ONS (Statistics UK).

More background information on WPL can be found here.

BDES 2020 - Big Data for European Statistics, Warsaw (PL), 24-25 November 2020 - CANCELED and replaced by online sessions to disseminate results in November 2020 and a conference on future developments in Warsaw in May 2021. Find the latest information here!



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