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WPK Methodology and quality

Workpackage K (WPK) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on methodology and quality issues. Its main objective is to consolidate the knowledge and knowhow gained by the various workpackages (and, up to a point, outside of them in academia and non-ESS official statistics), building and expanding on key deliverables from ESSnet Big Data I Workpackage 8 on methodology, quality and IT, such as the literature overview, the overview of quality issues and their possible solutions, and the overview of methodologies applied and methodological challenges identified.

WPK is carried out by representatives of six ESSnet Big Data partners: Statistics Austria which is leading WPK, INE-ES (Statistics Spain), ISTAT (Statistics Italy), CBS (Statistics Netherlands), GUS (Statistics Poland) and INE-PT (Statistics Portugal).

More background information on WPK can be found here.

BDES 2020 - Big Data for European Statistics, Warsaw (PL), 24-25 November 2020 - CANCELED and replaced by online sessions to disseminate results in November 2020 and a conference on future developments in Warsaw in May 2021. Find the latest information here!



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