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== [[WPJ_Milestones_and_deliverables|Milestones and deliverables]] ==
== [[WPJ_Milestones_and_deliverables|Milestones and deliverables]] ==
== [[WPJ_Links|Links]] ==
== [[WPJ_Working_area|Working area]] ==
== [[WPJ_Working_area|Working area]] ==
[[Category:Start page]] [[Category:WPJ Innovative tourism statistics]]
[[Category:Start page]] [[Category:WPJ Innovative tourism statistics]]

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WPJ Innovative tourism statistics

Workpackage J (WPJ) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on innovative tourism statistics and has as objectives to develop a conceptual framework and set up a smart pilot Tourism Information System to support statistical production in the field of tourism by integrating various big data sources with administrative registers and statistical databases using innovative statistical methods.

Its planned actions include identifying and evaluating the availability and quality of various big data sources, developing methods to combine data and their spatio-temporal disaggregation, developing prototype production system for tourism statistics, and recommending data sources to produce good quality tourism estimates as well as ways to set up a smart and robust Tourism Information System;

WPJ is carried out by representatives of eight ESSnet Big Data partners: GUS (Statistics Poland) which is leading WPJ, and NSI (Statistics Bulgaria), ELSTAT (Statistics Greece), HSL (Hesse Statistical Office, Germany), ISTAT (Statistics Italy), CBS (Statistics Netherlands), INE (Statistics Portugal) and NSI (Statistics Slovakia).

More background information on WPJ can be found here.

BDES 2020 - Big Data for European Statistics, Warsaw (PL), 24-25 November 2020 - CANCELED and replaced by online sessions to disseminate results in November 2020 and a conference on future developments in Warsaw in May 2021. Find the latest information here!



Milestones and deliverables

Working area