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WPI Mobile network data

Workpackage I (WPI) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on mobile network data and has two main objectives:


  • investigate and enable access to mobile phone data, a potential source for official statistics which is highly promising but at the same time challenging from a technological, institutional and legal (privacy) point of view;
  • conduct pilot studies demonstrating use cases for producing or enriching official statistics.

WPI was carried out by representatives of five ESSnet Big Data partners in the first project stage (SGA-1): INE (Statistics Spain), which is leading WP5, and INSEE (Statistics France), ISTAT (Statistics Italy), Statistics Finland and Statistics Romania; Statistics Belgium was also involved as an additional consulting partner. In the second stage (SGA-2), their total number increased to nine by Statistics Belgium now taking a full part and by the addition of three more partners: Destatis (Statistics Germany), ONS (Statistics UK) and CBS (Statistics Netherlands).

Einde Marc

More background information on WPI can be found here.



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