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WPI Mobile networks data

Workpackage I (WPI) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on mobile networks data, data generated through the use and moving about of mobile phones and similar devices. Its main objective is to complete the production framework started in ESSnet Big Data I Workpackage 5, aimed at a standardised statistical production process for the ESS.

To this end, a modular rather than a linear approach will be pursued, to avoid obstruction from the lack of access to real data and to allow optimal development of the building blocks of the framework, addressing many different aspects: data access and the relationship with mobile network operators; methodology and IT (enabling the identification of skills and capabilities needed); quality issues; proposals for standards and related metadata; dissemination aspects of statistical products (mainly visualisation). Furthermore, as a novelty, instrumental (semi-simulated) data closely resembling real data will be used when the latter are not accessible).

WPI is carried out by representatives of nine ESSnet Big Data partners: INE (Statistics Spain) which is leading WPI, Destatis (Statistics Germany), Statistics Estonia, INSEE (Statistics France), CSO (Statistics Ireland), ISTAT (Statistics Italy), CBS (Statistics Netherlands), INS (Statistics Romania) and ONS (Statistics UK).

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