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WPH Earth observation

Workpackage H (WPH) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on earth observation data, i.e. satellite data and aerial photography (but at the moment mostly at the former in the form of Sentinel data). Its objective is to build a geospatial framework filling the “geospatial breakdown” between statistical and geographical information, by describing the availability and access possibilities/restrictions for statistical use in various domains and application areas, such as agriculture, built-up areas, land cover and settlements enumeration, and forestry.

WPH is carried out by representatives of nine ESSnet Big Data partners: GUS (Statistics Poland) which is leading WPH, and Statbel (Statistics Belgium), Destatis (Statistics Germany), INSEE (Statistics France), ISTAT (Statistics Italy), LUKE (Natural Resources Institute Finland), CBS (Statistics Netherlands), INE (Statistics Portugal), and SSP (Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood Industry and Forestry, France).

More background information on WPH can be found here.

BDES 2020 - Big Data for European Statistics, Warsaw (PL), 24-25 November 2020 - CANCELED and replaced by online sessions to disseminate results in November 2020 and a conference on future developments in Warsaw in May 2021. Find the latest information here!



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