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WPD Smart energy

Workpackage D (WPD) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on smart energy meters and more particularly on electricity meters which can be monitored continuously at a distance. Its objective is to implement smart meter data for the production of statistics on businesses and households and for identifying vacant or seasonally/temporarily occupied dwellings, by linking the electricity data with data from administrative sources.

WPD is carried out by representatives of four ESSnet Big Data partners: Statistics Estonia which is leading WPD, DST (Statistics Denmark), SSB (Statistics Norway) and SCB (Statistics Sweden).

More background information on WPD can be found here.

BDES 2020 - Big Data for European Statistics, Warsaw (PL), 24-25 November 2020 - CANCELED and replaced by online sessions to disseminate results in November 2020 and a conference on future developments in Warsaw in May 2021. Find the latest information here!



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