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WPB Online job vacancies

Workpackage B (WPB) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on online job vacancies. Its aim is to produce statistical estimates for online job vacancies based on suitable techniques and concrete methodologies developed during the pilot phase of the project (see Workpackage 1 of ESSnet Big Data I), and to explore the conditions under which these approaches can be used in the ESS. The final objective of WPB is to develop and test methodologies and prototypes as well as to build capacity for integrating them into statistical production, both at the level of individual NSIs and the whole of the ESS.

WPB is carried out by representatives of twelve ESSnet Big Data partners: SURS (Statistics Slovenia) which is leading WPB, and NSI (Statistics Bulgaria), FSO (Statistics Switzerland), DARES (Ministry of Labour, France), Destatis (Statistics Germany), CSO (Statistics Ireland), ISTAT (Statistics Italy), LSD (Statistics Lithuania), GUS (Statistics Poland), INS (Statistics Romania), SCB (Statistics Sweden) and ONS (Statistics UK).

More background information on WPB can be found here.

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