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WP6 Early estimates

Workpackage 6 (WP6) of ESSnet Big Data aims to investigate multiple data sources of different types (big data, administrative data and others) in order to produce early estimates for statistical purposes. Among those sources the most promising ones will be identified and use cases will be developed; the focus is on two domains expected to yield 'quick wins': social media data, newsfeeds and survey data for a consumer confidence index, and web-based sales inquiries for nowcasting turnover indices. As WP6 addresses many cross-cutting issues such as methodology, quality and technical requirements, there are links with workpackages 7 (Multiple domains) and 8 (Methodology).

WP6 is carried out by representatives of four ESSnet Big Data partners: GUS (Statistics Poland) which is leading WP6, CBS (Statistics Netherlands), CSO (Statistics Ireland) and ONS (Statistics UK).

More background information on WP6 can be found here.


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