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Welcome to ESSnet Big Data
Big data: from exploration to exploitation.

ESSnet Big Data is a project within the European statistical system (ESS) jointly undertaken by 28 partners. Its objective is the integration of big data in the regular production of official statistics, through pilots exploring the potential of selected big data sources, and through building and implementing concrete applications.

ESSnet Big Data II has started in November 2018 and is to run for 26 months until December 2020. It is a continuation of ESSnet Big Data I (from February 2016 until May 2018) and consists of 12 workpackages, A to L. Apart from WPA Coordination supporting and coordinating the project overall, these are grouped into an 'Implementation Track' covering WPB to WPF, a 'Pilots Track' covering WPG to WPK and the stand-alone workpackage WPL on smart statistics.

Click on one of the headings below to find all information on common aids and tools, on the project or on a content workpackage. You can also use the categories or the search box (top right, case-sensitive).

Send a mail to if you have a question or comment.

All results of ESSnet Big Data I can still be consulted here.

Aids and tools

Including, among others: Big data event calendar, Big data links, Documentation, Templates and images, ...

Project information and coordination

Including, among others: Calendars and meetings, Experimental big data statistics, Results, Working areas, ...


Implementation Track

WPB Online job vacancies WPC Enterprise characteristics WPD Smart energy
WPE Tracking ships WPF Process and architecture

Pilots Track

WPG Financial transactions data WPH Earth observation WPI Mobile networks data
WPJ Innovative tourism statistics WPK Methodology and quality

Smart statistics

WPL Preparing smart statistics