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This page presents the pictures from meetings and events for the whole of ESSnet Big Data. An overview of the picture galleries of the separate workpackages can be found here.

Dissemination Workshop Sofia, 23-24 February 2017

Many more pictures can be accessed via the restricted ESSnet Big Data website.

Sofia Statistics Bulgaria team Registration desk Group photo ChairMarc Debusschere, Workshop chairman Opening session Opening session Opening address: Mariana Kotzeva Panel: Big data and the future of the ESS Sergey Tsvetarski, director general Statistics Bulgaria Peter Struijs, coordinator ESSnet Big Data Mariana Kotzeva, acting director general Eurostat Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi, director general Statistics Netherlands Overview of the audience Overview of the audience Overview of the audience Overview of the audience Galya Stateva and Marc Debusschere meeting organisers Coffee break.JPG