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This page provides an overview of ESSnet Big Data meetings and meeting minutes (click on the links), for the project as a whole and for each workpackage separately. Within each subdivision meetings are presented chronologically, with the latest one on top. An alphabetical list of meetings can be found here.

Meeting page names consist of four parts: scope/organiser (Plenary, Coordinating Group, WP1 to WP8), date (YYYY MM DD-DD), place (or via WebEx) and the type if not a regular meeting (e.g. sprint, workshop).

Plenary meetings

Coordinating Group meetings




Meetings per workpackage

WP1 Webscraping job vacancies WP2 Webscraping enterprise characteristics WP3 Smart meters
WP4 AIS data WP5 Mobile phone data WP6 Early estimates
WP7 Multiple domains WP8 Methodology