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Subscribers’ additional attributes is ....

This is relevant for the MNOs store information about their customers in subscriber databases (for domestic and outbound customers). The information that is collected and stored in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is highly MNO-specific typically includes socio-demographic characteristics of the subscriber (owner of the contract) that might be age, gender, preferred language, etc. as well as details on the contract and service such as private or business client, invoice address, average cost of the service or contract type (pre-paid, post-paid SIM, machine-to-machine SIM). This information should be used with great caution, as it is highly sensitive and not always accurate (phone user may differ from the contract holder). The value of these attributes lies in the possibility to add extra dimensions to statistical analysis (e.g., gender), as well as in the option of performing data cleaning processes (e.g., removal of M2M data).

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