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A call detail record, abbreviated as CDR, captures information on a call made through a telephone system, including:

  • who made the call (name and number);
  • who was called (name if available, and number);
  • the date and time the call was made;
  • the duration of the call;
  • and, additionally and typically, dozens of usage and diagnostic information elements (for example, features used and reason for call termination).

CDRs are collected on a regular basis for processing into usage, capacity, performance and diagnostic reports. With such information, it is easier to spot exceptions to regular calling patterns, such as out-of-hours calling, international calls, significant variances from previous reporting periods and call destinations that do not reflect normal calling patterns for the enterprise.

In order to be able to produce a bill for each subscriber, the MNO needs to maintain charging mechanisms that are responsible for producing and combining call detail records (CDRs) and internet protocol detail records (IPDRs), which are subject to billing information generation (e.g. applying service rates).

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