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4th Regional Seminar covering ENP Countries and Iraq, Yemen and Russia - Baku, 9/10 February 2011

Participants are encouraged to comment reports via e-mail to the Technical Assistance before the 25 March 2011.


Working Group 1

Working Group 2


Working Group 3

Practical information & background documents

Background Documents

Baku Regional Seminar - ''Local authorities Initiative'' - 11 February 2011


The 4th and last regional seminar devoted to Local Authorities took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, on the 11 February 2011. It gathered around 80 representatives of Local Authorities from European Neighbourhood countries, Iraq, Yemen and Russia, Members of the European Parliament, Representatives of EU Member States and EC from HQ and Delegations from the Region.


European Commission presentations

Working Group 1

Presentations Working Group 1: LA in policy and programming

Working Group 2

Presentations Working Group 2: LA in implementation

To prepare for an active participation to the seminar, participants were encouraged to read the following documents: