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Re-granting is the process whereby, where the action so requires, a grant may be re-allocated to third parties. Re-granting concerns pre-defined activities to be carried out by entities not identified at the time of submitting the application but which will be selected by the beneficiary of the grant based on previously agreed criteria.

This procedure is submitted to strict conditions. Firstly, the financial support must not be the primary aim of the action. Secondly, the conditions for the giving of such financial support are strictly defined in the grant contract or decision with no margin for discretion.

The grant contract must therefore specify:

  • the minimum and maximum amounts of financial support that can be paid to a third party and criteria for determining the exact amount;
  • the different types of activities that may receive such financial support on the basis of a fixed list.
  • the maximum amount of financial support that can be paid to third parties by a beneficiary is€ 100.000 with a maximum of € 10.000 per each third party.

Unless otherwise specified in the basic act, in the case where operating grants to bodies are renewed, they shall gradually be decreased, except if the grant is in the form of lump-sums or flat-rate financing.