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the Palermo procees is a dialogue process started in 2002


A multi-stakeholder dialogue process was initiated between the EC, the European NGDOs (represented by [CONCORD]) and EU Member States on the future of the NGO co-financing line (also known as the Community budget line B7-6000). In 2003, the dialogue took the form a series of informal, brainstorming sessions (involving different EC units, the CONCORD and EU Member States) as well as expert meetings on specific topics (e.g. impact assessment). The EC prepared a series of position papers while CONCORD organised a broad-based consultation among its members. The Palermo seminar (27-28 October 2003) was seen as the culmination of this initial phase of the dialogue process.

The Palermo process proved its added value not only as a multi-stakeholder place for dialogue, by launching dynamic reflections on the way forward, but it also allowed to adjust aid implementation procedures to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness.