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The Practical guide to contract procedures for EC external actions (updated version after Lisbon Treaty) is the first sole working tool, which explains the contracting procedures applying to all EU external aid contracts financed from the European Union general budget (Budget) and the 10th European Development Fund (EDF).

The Practical Guide is also known as PRAG


The questions on the procedures are presented in the Internet pages of the EuropeAid website; these pages give access, by article, to all the texts covering the actions.

Updates of the PRAG


Financial regulation


  • Frequently Ask Questions: 30 questions on grants about:
    • Launching the process
    • Eligibility (preliminary opinion - rule of origin)
    • Supporting documents (audit reports - translation - bank account - name of the auditor)
    • Contract preparation (percentage of EU co-financing - annexes - obligations of the partners)
    • Prefinancing
    • EU Contribution: eligible costs (expenditure - financial guarantee - direct costs - travel expenses - rate fluctuations)
    • Contributions in kind
    • Modifying contracts (budget - unit rates - change of address, bank account, auditor or budget)
    • Procurement
    • Sub-granting
    • After the action is finished

Table of content