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History records of Flash info "IFI"

IFI 09/2013 - June

Flash Info Internal 06/2013

  • DEVCO EEAS joint note on the programming 2014-2020
  • Interesting findings from the 2012 EAMR
  • New Communication "Empowering Local Authorities in partner countries for enhanced governance and more effective development outcomes"
  • Annual Action programme NSA-LA 2013

IFI 08/2013 - February

Flash Info Internal 02/2013

  • 2013 means change!
  • New study on Mappings and Civil Society Assessments
  • Assizes of decentralised cooperation
  • Civil society, public action and accountability
  • And in the delegations?
  • Seminar?

IFI 07/2012 - November

Flash Info Interne 11/2012

  • The Policy Forum on Development
  • The new Communication on civil society
  • The new version of "Companion"
  • Concord: "EU Delegation watch report"
  • Defining India’s Priorities for the Millennium Development Goals after 2015

IFI 06/2012 - September

Flash Info Interne 09/2012

  • Adoption of the Communication on civil society! COM(2012) 492
  • Where are we with local authorities?
  • A new brochure is available!
  • How to know the registered organisations by PADOR?

IFI 05/2012 - August

Flash Info Interne 08/2012

  • When and how to use a derogation?
  • Concord's reading of the 2010 PRAG.
  • What are the results of the consultation on the Communication?
  • Synthesis of EARM reports on civil society
  • EU delegation watch

IFI 04/2012 - May

Flash Info Interne 04/2012

  • How to implement DEVCO thematic actions?
  1. Instruction note: involvement of the Delegations in the management of the thematic lines
  • What about local authorities in Lebanon?
  • Perspectives on the Evaluation of EC "Support to Decentralisation Processes"
  • Looking for examples of funded projects?
  1. DAC classification and activities per sector

IFI 03/2012 - April

Flash Info Interne 03/2012

  • Towards a future policy on "Civil society organisations in development"?
  1. Consultation
  2. Document word de consultation
  • What's new with the programme "NSA-LA"?
  1. Annual Action Programme 2012 (AAP)
  2. Strategy paper 2011-2013
  3. Note to Delegation on implementation modalities of 2012 budget
  4. a calendar
  • "Involving strategically cooperation with Civil Society": results?
  • The "Civil Society" forum is operationnal!
  • The reading corner

IFI 02/2012 - February

Flash Info Interne 02/2012

  • 2011 has been successful! And 2012?
  1. Instruction note Fotiadis
  2. Note of Director Schmidt
  3. CfP Objective 1b
  4. Drat new DCI COM 2011 840
  • Freeze-frame of one year of funding!
  • Do we know regional, global or continental networks?¨
  • Let's build our network!

IFI 01/2012 - January

Flash Info Interne 01/2012

  • Call for tender for two studies
  1. Studies on capitalisation of mapping
  2. Practical Handbook: "Engaging strategically with civil society"
  • Seminars on "Engaging strategically with civil society"
  • Annex on Intranet
  • Tools and methods: reference document: Engaging non-state-actors in new aid modalities.