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Purpose of the DEAR Study and of this Report

This report contributes to a „Study on the experience and actions of the main European actors active in the field of Development Education and Awareness Raising‟. It provides a provisional collation of information, analyses and suggestions that meet the overall objective of the study as described in the Terms of Reference, namely:
“to provide the European Commission with:

  • an analysis of the projects financed by the EC in the area of DEAR in the past 5 years (2004-2009)
  • an overview of the main actors, strategies and initiatives in the field of DEAR in the 27 EU Member States.

Based on the findings of these researches and following the consultation with the internal and external stakeholders, the study will define possible options in order to improve the future EC initiatives in the area of DEAR.”

Full report

Report by chapters

  1. Contents
  2. Strategy
  3. Summary and introduction
  4. Project analysis 2005 2007
  5. Major NSA and LA actors
  6. Issues of good practice and outcome in projects
  7. Percpetions and interpretations of DEAR
  8. Stengths and weaknesses of the current EC approach
  9. Improving the EC DEAR approach

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