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Welcome to the “DEAR Discussions”!

What do you mean by DEAR?

As promised, we published the Interim report on Development Education and Awareness Raising

This Discussion module is created for those who would like to reflect on the Interim Report or to give us more, forward looking hints related to the European Commission’s best added value to Development Education in the European member states. The moderation is open from the XXX to the 16th of October 2010 so please post your comment within this period.

I want to discuss

I don’t want to discuss Pity!

“DEAR Discussion” policy

We have subdivided the blog into 5 major topics:

1.Vision, Purpose and Strategy
  • In which respects can the EC make a unique contribution to other DEAR work in the EU?
  • How should the values advocated by the EC be expressed in a DEAR approach?
  • In the promotion and development of DEAR, what are the advantages and disadvantages of applying:
    • an information approach
    • a communications approach
    • an education for development approach?
  • Can these different approaches complement each other and, if so, how?
  • In providing added value to other DEAR work in the European Union, should the EC limit its focus in DEAR on specific audiences or on specifically circumscribed tasks? What would be the pros and cons of a narrower focus?
  • What are the consequences for the EC and for NSAs and LAs of promoting partnerships between organisations?
  • What are the consequences for NSAs and LAs of working in partnership with the public?
  • What would be the advantages and disadvantages of focussing the EC’s efforts in DEAR on:
    • one particular segment of the public (e.g. the formal education sector)
    • on capacity building of national and international networks?
  • What should be the role, in EU focussed DEAR, of Southern organisations?

3.Coherence, Complementarity and Coordination
  • What specific role can the EC play in gathering and sharing information about DEAR in and with EU member states?
  • What role can EuropeAid play in bringing together different stakeholders in DEAR (including from elsewhere in the Commission) in facilitating and motivating joint and separate efforts to promote and further develop DEAR?
  • How could such work be organised without duplicating existing efforts, structures and processes of other networks, organisations and initiatives?
4.Learning and sharing learning

If learning from DEAR work and sharing of such learning would become a key task of the EC what might be the consequences of this for:

  • NSA and LA project budgets (and for the overall size of finance available to DEAR)?
  • the organisation within EuropeAid?
  • the skills required by project organisers and partners?
  • promotion and publicity of learning?
  • collaboration with other relevant initiatives

The issues highlighted in this and the previous sections may encourage further reflection on the role which the EC can best play in DEAR. Given available resources, and given the range of activities that take place elsewhere, should the EC see its role as for example:

  • a managing agent of grants (as it currently is doing) and, if so,
    • what type of projects (themes, specific sectors of the public, etc)
    • what type of grants (mini, maxi, block grants, project grants, capacity building grants; or as
  • facilitative agent that encourages, for instance:
    • capacity building of national and international DEAR networks and programmes
    • learning and sharing of learning from DEAR project and programme work
  • access to information about DEAR in the EU; or as
    • motivating agent: encouraging and enabling different actors (including those whose main roles are not in DEAR) to take on the challenge of DEAR in their own on-going work?

which correspond to the five strategic areas that have been identified as most important since this study was launched, and that we would like to bring forward.

Please try to stick to the topic of each post. In the case in which you have a specific comment to the Interim Report, then kindly refer to the section you are commenting about (page and paragraph).

Thank you for your contribution!

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