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Europa Web Nest is collection on-line project hosted at domain name space.

Technically it is a collection of portals, websites and web pages of the EU institutions hosted within name space and

Mostly the content of this webnest are EU themed portals, web-sites and web-pages of the EU institutions.

related definitions
1. a web-page is an HTML page published on the Internet
2. a web-site is a collection of web-pages covering a particular domain, related by the content and having the single navigation and look'n'feel
3. a web-portal is a collection of web-sites related by it's contents (domains, topics) and having similar navigation and look'n'feel
4. a web-nest is a collection of web-portals and web-sites which have relation among them ...

So Europa.EU would be a web-nest composed of EU institutions' web-portals' and web-sites, and of Inter-Institutional Thematics web-portals and web-sites ... with - in addition - a Europa.EU web-site - an editorial layer (for the moment call Europa Home Page)


The European Commission Europa Web Nest, should be regarded as a single website.

The changes in the governance, editorial policy, information architecture, url naming convention is under revision since 2013 c.f. Webrat



Launch of the c.f.



Creation of the "Publications for general public" section on; "Europe in 10 lessons" was one of them. This part of the website presented publications, leaflets, posters, etc. and was available in 11 languages. The publications could be downloaded in PDFs and were presented also in HTML pages.

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