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Good Practice Project
As part of a broader cooperation project to promote the image of fishing and the coastal culture of the Mediterranean, a new online radio station gives a voice to ideas, news, culture and activities related to fisheries and the sea.
Good Practice Short Story
In Asturias, Spain, the Nuestra Señora de la Atalaya cofradía (fishermen’s organisation) has increased the tourism and cultural value of the local fisheries sector by equipping the local auction house for guided tours and educational activities.
Good Practice Short Story
FiskOnline has established a pathway for local fishermen to gain certification for the sustainability for their fishing activities.
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FARNET and CLDD at a glance
The first FARNET transnational seminar of the new programming period took place in Edinburgh, Scotland, from the 8th to 10th December 2015. It provided new opportunities for Managing Authorities (MAs) of the European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds to learn, inspire and get inspired in implementing the CLLD approach, foster better cooperation and ensure the most efficient use of the funding available.
Good Practice Short Story
In Chalastra, Greece, the local Thessaloniki FLAG helped two budding entrepreneurs establish a successful seafood conditioning and processing business, specialising in live blue crab.
Good Practice Method
FLAG-urile din Polonia pot alege dintre două opțiuni de sprijin flexibile pentru a-și pregăti strategiile de dezvoltare locală. Ambele opțiuni au cunoscut o simplificare și o raționalizare a procesului de activare a sprijinului pregătitor.
FARNET  Magazine 13 cover
FARNET Magazine n° 13 - Winter 2015
Good Practice Short Story
In 2013, to limit the proliferation of “fake” products using the name of the local fish, “Kitkan Viisas” vendace, fishermen from Kuusamo, Northern Finland, teamed up to secure its listing in the EU’s Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) scheme. To further promote this unique product, a web and mobile video game, called the Legends of Kitka, was also developed.
Good Practice Method
Rețelele naționale (RN) dețin un rol important la dezvoltarea capacității FLAG-urilor și a autorităților de management (AM) și la stimularea și susținerea cooperării transnaționale. În Estonia, RN 2007-2013 a lucrat în strânsă colaborare cu AM pentru a facilita dialogul și pentru a asigura o bună cooperare între toți actorii implicați în DLRC în domeniul pescuitului. Aceasta a dezvoltat de asemenea instrumente informaționale și a contribuit la consilierea și consolidarea capacității FLAG-urilor.