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Good Practice Project
The ‘Mar das Illas’ cooperation project sees three FLAGs in the Pontevedra province working together to support local fishers and families in their entrepreneurial efforts focused on marine and pesca-tourism.
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Cooperation is strongly encouraged by the programme authorities in France and FLAGs were required to lay out their plans for cooperation within their local development strategies in their bid to gain EMFF funding. In some cases, cooperation is viewed as a transversal tool to strengthen the impact of all areas of FLAG work and, in other cases, cooperation is programmed as an area of work in its own right with specific objectives.
Good Practice Project
Pienimuotoista kalastusta ja vesiviljelyä harjoittavien yritysten kehittäminen Länsi-Liettuan FLAG-ryhmän alueella on olennainen osa Klaipėdan ja Priekulėn kaltaisten alueiden talouskehitystä. Pienen yrityksen toteuttamassa hankkeessa pyritään parantamaan paikallisten kalastus- ja vesiviljelytuotteiden jalostusta FLAG-ryhmän rahoittamien strategisten investointien avulla.
Good Practice Short Story
The Chioggia and Po Delta FLAG has successfully convinced a high school to launch an official training programme in commercial fishing and fish production. The FLAG used their animation activities, together with fisheries stakeholders and the wider local community, to attract their first groups of students who will become the entrepreneurs of the future.
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A large-scale cooperation project between Baltic FLAGs has increased knowledge on the impact the growing seal and cormorant populations are having on small-scale coastal fisheries in the region. Through this cooperation project, FLAGs have developed solutions for achieving the balanced management of marine resources.
Good Practice Project
Itämeren alueen FLAG-ryhmien laajamittaisessa yhteistyöhankkeessa on saatu lisätietoa kasvavien hylje- ja merimetsokantojen vaikutuksesta alueen pienimuotoiseen rannikkokalastukseen. FLAG-ryhmät ovat hankkeen puitteissa kehittäneet ratkaisuja merellisten luonnonvarojen tasapainoiseen käyttöön ja hoitoon.
Good Practice Project
Supported by the South Leipzig FLAG, the dynamic redevelopment of former coal mining area into recreational and professional ‘fishing base’ will improve fisheries production and further develop local tourism in the Störmthal lake region.
Good Practice Short Story
To restore natural balance to ecosystems on the Swedish archipelago, the Stockholmsbygd FLAG has supported an initiative aimed at reinstating coastal wetlands in an effort to increase pike stocks. Key predators in the Baltic, pike are essential to maintaining biodiversity and healthy waters in the area.
The International Day of Marine Tourism and Pesca-tourism will take place on the 24th of September in the city of Pontevedra (Spain). On this day, the three FLAGs located in the Rías Baixas (Galicia) will present the results of the third edition of the Mar das Illas project, whose main objective is economic diversification through the promotion of marine tourism among fishers and their families.
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Two neighbouring FLAGs cooperate to support a mobile phone app, MonPêcheur, to connect local fishers with consumers by providing them with an online platform for communicating, promoting, and selling their catches directly to the consumer.