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Fisheries by-products

  • South Danube FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG is a geographically homogeneous area located in the south of Teleorman county on the left bank of the Danube River. The main fishing area is located along the 85km long coastline.
  • Crushed shells and 3D printing

    - Good Practice Short Story
    In Olbia, the northern area of Sardinia, the shells of mussels are no longer considered waste. With the help of the FLAG, local students and teachers are using crushed shells to create useful objects of all sorts, from moulds created by 3D printing.
  • North of Tyne

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The area comprises 14 settlements with fishing activity from North Shields in the south to Berwick-upon-Tweed in the north, covering a distance of approximately 105 km, with a coastal population of 72,728, and with over 150 people directly in the fishing industry.
  • Lower Saxon North Sea coast FLAG

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    The FLAG area covers most of the North Sea coastal strip which belongs to Lower Saxony. It includes the counties of Cuxhaven, Wesermarsch, Friesland, Wittmund, Aurich and Leer.
  • Flegrea FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    Geologically, the FLAG area falls in Campi Flegrei caldera, a volcanic area northwest of Naples, where both active and extinct craters exist. This area is also part of a regional park. Fish farms are present along the coast line.
  • Istria FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The coastal area of Slovenia includes the coastal part of four municipalities: Ankaran, Izola, Koper, Piran, which border the Gulf of Trieste in the northernmost part of the Adriatic Sea. The Slovenian coastline measures only 46.6 km and the total value of the catch here represents only 0.01% of national GDP. However, the fishing sector is very important for the area’s economy and the preservation of workplaces, culture, traditions and local identity.
  • Eastern Cantabria FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG area covers the municipalities of Castro Urdiales, Colindres, Laredo and Santoña, along the eastern coast of Cantabria. The county boasts a rich landscape of wetlands with canals, river deltas and muddy plains, including the Santoña Natural Park.
  • Cornwall and Isles of Scilly FLAG

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    Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly lie at the very south-western tip of Britain and are home to some of the most unique coastal features in the United Kingdom. The fisheries sector here is very diverse and versatile in terms of methods and target species.
  • Trégor-Goëlo & Guingamp FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    Maritime activities (fishing, aquaculture, harbour and nautical activities) are at the heart of the economy of the FLAG area which also includes renewable marine energies, coastal agriculture (mainly vegetables), and strong tourism activities based on remarkable landscapes. The territory features a very active cultural life.

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG area includes the parishes of Marinha Grande and Vieira de Leiria in the municipality of Marinha Grande and the parish of Coimbrão in the municipality of Leiria. The fishing communities here include Vieira de Leiria, Pedrógão and São Pedro de Moel.