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  • Stockholmsbygd FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The area stretches over a cluster of some 30,000 sparsely populated islands and a small portion of the mainland’s countryside. It forms part of the commuter belt of Sweden’s capital city with the resulting high property prices, frequent ferry crossings and other commuter traffic that this can bring.
  • ecoMAR FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG area extends over a coastal area of 35km and covers five parishes in two municipalities. This territory is noted for its traditional small-scale fisheries. This is a predominantly agricultural area with a growing tourist sector thanks to its accessible beaches.
  • Saaremaa FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The Saaremaa FLAG covers the islands of western Estonia in Saare county, with exception of Hiiumaa which has its own FLAG. The biggest islands in the Saaremaa FLAG area are Saaremaa, Muhu, Ruhnu, and Abruka ja Vilsandihe.
  • Olympias FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The area includes the coast of the Ilia prefecture and the Pinios Lake and is located along the western half of the Peloponnese peninsula. The fisheries activities found here are mostly small-scale.
  • Zegrze Lagoon FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The area covers seven municipalities north of the city of Warsaw, and is unique in the Mazovia region in that 8% of its surface is covered by water. This is due in part to the meeting of three large rivers: the Vistula, the Narew and the Bug.
  • Chios FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The island of Chios belongs of the region of Northern Aegean. It is found in the eastern Aegean near the Turkish coast, and as such, has recently come under considerable pressure due to the migrant crisis.
  • Fishermen and municipality join forces to set up a local fish market

    - Good Practice Project
    Nella contea di Olt, pescatori e Comune hanno collaborato per migliorare le condizioni di vendita del pesce fresco costruendo un mercato ittico locale per 170 pescatori.
  • Orkney Shellfish Research Project

    - Good Practice Project
    Il progetto di ricerca sulla pesca a Orkney intende sostenere la realizzazione dal basso di un piano di gestione e creare una base di conoscenze per la certificazione MSC delle attività di pesca del granciporro e di altre specie locali.
  • Leba River Basin FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG is situated on the Baltic Sea coast very close to the well-known Slowinski National Park. The area includes Leba, a fishing harbour with a small to medium-sized fishing fleet. Here we can also find fish processing as well as fish farming.
  • Emilia-Romagna Coast FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG covers the entire 130km coast of the Emilia-Romagna region. In this region fishing and lagoon fish farming have a tradition for centuries. The local economy is mainly based on fishing, aquaculture, mari-culture and summer coastal tourism.