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  • Better salinity and temperature data to improve flat oyster spat collection

    - Good Practice Project
    Eine Hochfrequenzboje soll den Austernfischern der südlichen Bretagne neue Erkenntnisse über das Bodenleben der Europäischen Auster geben, die in der regionalen Wirtschaft eine wichtige Rolle spielt.
  • A coastal management plan by local fishers and fish farmers

    - Good Practice Project
    Small-scale coastal fishers and fish farmers have been actively involved in the design of a coastal management plan for the Emilia-Romagna coastline. This stock management plan focused on three local high value species identified by the sector at regional level.
  • MPAs: under fishers' surveillance

    - Good Practice Project
    With support from the FLAG, local fishers are helping enforce protection measures and halt poaching in the region’s oldest fisheries marine reserve, Cabo de Palos. Its improved protection has favoured an increase of endemic species.
  • Freeing maritime areas from poaching

    - Good Practice Short Story
    Through cooperation between the island government and the FLAG, the fishing sector in la Gomera has been involved in the study, location and design of a protocol for the removal of traps used for illegal fishing.
  • Mobile App for reporting catch data

    - Good Practice Project
    The East Finland FLAG has supported the creation of a mobile app for Finnish inland fishers to register their catches. Developed by a University of Applied Sciences and introduced in May 2020, the tool will enhance catch-data collection and traceability along the fisheries value chain.
  • Seals and Cormorants in the Baltic: Addressing a common environmental challenge

    - Basic page
    A large-scale cooperation project between Baltic FLAGs has increased knowledge on the impact the growing seal and cormorant populations are having on small-scale coastal fisheries in the region. Through this cooperation project, FLAGs have developed solutions for achieving the balanced management of marine resources.
  • Seals and Cormorants in the Baltic: Addressing a common environmental challenge

    - Good Practice Project
    Ein breit angelegtes Kooperationsprojekt von FLAG in mehreren Ostsee-Anrainerstaaten hat dazu beigetragen, neue Erkenntnisse über die Auswirkungen des wachsenden Robben- und Kormoranbestands auf die Küsten- und kleine Hochseefischerei in der Region zu gewinnen. Gleichzeitig haben die beteiligten FLAG Konzepte für eine ausgewogene Bewirtschaftung der Meeresressourcen ausgearbeitet.
  • COVID-19 – FLAG Response Message Board

    - News
    Keeping you up to date on efforts and actions carried out by FLAGs, National Networks and Managing Authorities to support the fisheries and aquaculture sector in EU Member States overcome the challenges presented by the coronavirus, COVID-19. Be sure to check this rolling coverage regularly to get inspiration for actions in your areas. And contact the FARNET Support Unit with any of your news.
  • Fishing intelligently

    - Good Practice Project
    Fischer aus Finnland und Polen bringen gemeinsam innovative Fischfangausrüstung in Umlauf, die sowohl der Natur als auch der Fischerei nützt
  • Processing and retailing fisheries and aquaculture products

    - Cooperation Idea
    The project aims to set up transnational cooperation between FLAGs with potential for developing the FAP processing sector. This offers a valuable opportunity for fishing communities to increase the EU and worldwide market of processed FAPs while reducing overfishing. The project will focus on the following local FAPs: blue crab, mussels, sardines and anchovies.