Fisheries Areas Network

Déchets en mer

  • Fishing for litter

    - Good Practice Project
    Sur la côte de la mer du Nord de Basse-Saxe, des pêcheurs artisanaux s’associent à une ONG de protection environnementale pour collecter les déchets marins et analyser des pistes pour l’élimination et le recyclage de leurs composants en plastique.
  • FARNET Magazine n°16

    - Publication
    The sixteenth edition of the FARNET magazine explores sustainability, blue growth and the circular economy from a CLLD perspective. What have we learnt in the ten years since a CLLD approach was first introduced in fisheries areas under the EMFF? How can we position fisheries CLLD for the future? Is the circular economy key? These are just some of the questions addressed in this thought-provoking edition.
  • Learning from fisher-led, marine plastic litter reduction initiatives

    - Idées de coopérations
    The Hastings FLAG is looking for experience, cases, solutions and actions taken to reduce marine litter in other parts of Europe and, in particular, in the Channel area and North Sea.
  • Varna & Asparuhovo Area FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The FLAG territory covers the municipalities of Aksakovo, Beloslav and Asparuhovo which are situated on the Black Sea coast and near to the Varna Lake. The FLAG area is one of the most economically and socially developed regions in Bulgaria. Fishing, both coastal and inland, is mostly small-scale.
  • Il Mare delle Alpi FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The FLAG territory includes part of the Italian Riviera known as the Riviera dei Fiori, which runs from Diano Marina to Ventimiglia.
  • Recycling polystyrene fish boxes

    - Good Practice Project
    Des réflexions et investissements créatifs ont conduit à la création de la première usine de recyclage du Danemark qui transforme du polystyrène expansé en pellets de plastique. Ceux-ci peuvent être vendus à des industriels pour la fabrication d’une large gamme de produits. Il s’agit d’un bond en avant en termes de traitement des caisses à poisson usagées.
  • Orchestrating a new Marine Protected Area

    - Good Practice Short Story
    In collaboration with WWF Spain, and levering in funding from UP 1 of the EMFF, the Cádiz Estrecho FLAG is setting up an MPA to ensure the sustainable future of its natural environment and fisheries. While the fisheries of Cádiz have always been proactive in the protection of natural resources, further measures were deemed necessary to sufficiently protect the area’s marine environment.
  • Rethymno FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The FLAG area covers parts of Heraklion and Rethymno. The area has significant port infrastructure, fishing harbours and fishing shelters. The fisheries communities have similar social, economic and development characteristics.
  • Lower Saxon North Sea coast FLAG

    - Fiches FLAG
    The FLAG area covers most of the North Sea coastal strip which belongs to Lower Saxony. It includes the counties of Cuxhaven, Wesermarsch, Friesland, Wittmund, Aurich and Leer.
  • Hastings FLAG --ARCHIVED as of 31 January 2020--

    - Fiches FLAG
    --ARCHIVED as of 31 January 2020-- Hastings fishing fleet is a small-scale beach launched fleet predominantly made up of boats under ten metres in length. The fishing techniques are generally selective.