Fisheries Areas Network


  • Recruiting young people to train with experienced fishers

    - Good Practice Project
    Il FLAG Lapland ha finanziato un progetto di assunzione e formazione nelle zone di pesca per ringiovanire il settore nella zona dei bacini idrici di Lokka e Porttipahta. Al termine del progetto, 14 giovani pescatori di entrambi i sessi hanno iniziato a lavorare.
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    FR - FLAG Cooperation in France

    - Cooperation MS Fiche
    Cooperation is strongly encouraged by the programme authorities in France and FLAGs were required to lay out their plans for cooperation within their local development strategies in their bid to gain EMFF funding. In some cases, cooperation is viewed as a transversal tool to strengthen the impact of all areas of FLAG work and, in other cases, cooperation is programmed as an area of work in its own right with specific objectives.
  • Attracting young people to the fisheries sector in the Chioggia and Po Delta

    - Good Practice Short Story
    The Chioggia and Po Delta FLAG has successfully convinced a high school to launch an official training programme in commercial fishing and fish production. The FLAG used their animation activities, together with fisheries stakeholders and the wider local community, to attract their first groups of students who will become the entrepreneurs of the future.
  • An app to promote waste collection and sport

    - Good Practice Project
    Per contribuire alla conservazione dell'ambiente marino e affrontare il problema dei rifiuti presenti in mare, un pescatore della Catalogna (Spagna) e le sue due sorelle hanno sviluppato un'applicazione e lanciato una campagna per promuovere la raccolta dei rifiuti, praticando al contempo sport di gruppo.
  • FLAG helps create Spain’s first sailing school for people with disabilities

    - Good Practice Short Story
    Thanks to Murcia FLAG’s support and networking, a paraplegic man turns his personal project of rehabilitation into the first National Sailing School for people with disabilities in the country.
  • Dobrogea North FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    Situated on the Black Sea, the FLAG area is characterised by a series of reliefs and cliffs. Inland the region includes a network of lakes and the territory is crossed by a significant number of rivers, including the Casimcea with a length of 50km and a river basin of 740km2. In the FLAG area also includes the long Poarta Alba - Midia Năvodari channel which connects the Midia Maritime Luminita Por
  • A social enterprise that places local fish in school canteens

    - Good Practice Project
    A social joint venture between the Red Cross and a local fish auction helps the unemployed into work while securing a place to process undervalued local seafood.
  • Old boat engine factory transformed in a multipurpose community hub

    - Good Practice Project
    Sull’isola Ærø, un impianto in disuso per motori navali è stato convertito in un centro comunitario di sostegno all’imprenditoria marittima locale. Il progetto si prefigge di dare impulso all’economia dell’isola e di migliorare la coesione sociale.
  • Valea Mostistea FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The Mostiștea river is a tributary of the river Danube in Romania. The river source is near the village Dascălu, northeast of Bucharest and it flows into the Danube near Mânăstirea. The local economy of the area is predominantly agricultural. Fisheries and aquaculture activities are small-scale and often combined with agri-tourism and recreational activities.
  • Dealing with the challenges of 500-year-old fishing traditions

    - Good Practice Short Story
    This project shows how to bring together preservation of cultural heritage with present needs of fishermen.