Fisheries Areas Network


  • From marine litter to tools for the fisheries sector

    - Good Practice Project
    The Costa Sostible FLAG has supported the renovation of an abandoned local school to be used as a new marine litter transformation centre by three associations for the handicapped.
  • Making oyster farming energy self-sufficient

    - Good Practice Project
    The Chantier Bretagne Sud shipyard has led a project to support Brittany’s oyster farms in their transition to renewable energies by studying their needs and offering adapted technology.
  • From Denmark to the Rhodopes: bringing fisheries closer to citizens

    - Basic page
    After a study visit to Fyn FLAG in Denmark, a fishers’ association member was inspired to adapt one of the Danish projects to his area’s needs. The project aims to boost tourism and improve local knowledge of fisheries heritage.
  • Wind turbine

    Eco-diversifying the local economy

    - Good Practice Short Story
    In Poland, the North Kaszuby FLAG supported the setting up of an experimental wind turbine in a local engineering company, helping to establish a new local energy supply, to promote economic diversification, and to create a new educational offer.
  • From Denmark to the Rhodopes: bringing fisheries closer to citizens

    - Good Practice Project
    Pēc izpētes vizītes pie vietējās rīcības grupas Fyn FLAG Dānijā zvejnieku asociācijas biedrs nolēma pielāgot vienu no dāņu projektiem sava reģiona vajadzībām. Projekta mērķis ir veicināt tūrismu un uzlabot vietējās zināšanas par zivsaimniecību mantojumu.
  • Supporting small-scale fisheries and aquaculture businesses

    - Good Practice Project
    Mazapjoma zivsaimniecības un akvakultūras nozaru uzņēmumu attīstība Rietumlietuvas FLAG zonā ir būtiska ekonomiskās attīstības daļa tādos reģionos kā Klaipēda un Priekule. Šī projekta mērķis, ko īsteno mazs vietējais uzņēmums, ir uzlabot vietējo zivsaimniecības un akvakultūras produktu apstrādi, izmantojot dažādus FLAG finansētus stratēģiskos ieguldījumus.
  • Converting a former mining area into a recreational and professional space for fisheries

    - Good Practice Project
    Supported by the South Leipzig FLAG, the dynamic redevelopment of former coal mining area into recreational and professional ‘fishing base’ will improve fisheries production and further develop local tourism in the Störmthal lake region.
  • Reinstating wetlands and pike spawning grounds on the Stockholm archipelago

    - Good Practice Short Story
    To restore natural balance to ecosystems on the Swedish archipelago, the Stockholmsbygd FLAG has supported an initiative aimed at reinstating coastal wetlands in an effort to increase pike stocks. Key predators in the Baltic, pike are essential to maintaining biodiversity and healthy waters in the area.
  • Creating a network for marine litter management

    - Good Practice Short Story
    Four Sardinian FLAGs have linked up with the University of Cagliari to create a waste management system for efficiently dealing with marine litter caught by local fishers.
  • Old boat engine factory transformed in a multipurpose community hub

    - Good Practice Project
    On Ærø Island, a disused boat engine factory has been turned into a community hub supporting local maritime entrepreneurship. The project aims to boost the island’s economy and social cohesion.