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  • The Millennium Tuna Route

    - Good Practice Short Story
    With local unemployment standing at over 34% and an isolated and struggling fishing sector, Cádiz Estrecho FLAG has invested in promoting its fishing heritage – and in particular its traditional “almadraba” tuna fishing activity, which dates back to Phoenicians times – as a unique selling point to attract quality tourism beyond the peak season.
  • Galician FLAG open to cooperation ideas

    - Idées de coopérations
    The Mariña Ortegal FLAG from Galicia, Spain, is open to cooperation ideas from around Europe. In particular, it is interested in cooperation on projects related to adding value to fisheries projects through processing and marketing.
  • Fishtaverns - Upgrading product and service quality in local seafood restaurants

    - Good Practice Project
    Le projet « Fishtaverns» vise à accroitre le niveau de qualité des restaurants de fruits de mer - produits et capacité d'accueil - notamment en augmentant l'utilisation des produits frais et en améliorant la communication.
  • MediterRadio

    - Good Practice Project
    Dans le cadre d'un projet de coopération plus large visant à promouvoir l'image de la pêche et la culture côtière de la Méditerranée, une nouvelle station de radio en ligne donne une voix aux idées nouvelles, à la culture et aux activités liées à la pêche et à la mer.
  • Vega fishing port: The auction is open!

    - Good Practice Short Story
    In Asturias, Spain, the Nuestra Señora de la Atalaya cofradía (fishermen’s organisation) has increased the tourism and cultural value of the local fisheries sector by equipping the local auction house for guided tours and educational activities.
  • Good Practice - Archive 2007-2013

    - Page de base
    This page leads to all the project examples published during the 2007-2013 programming period.