Fisheries Areas Network


  • From fishermen to you

    - Good Practice Project
    Online-försäljning har mött förnyat intresse sedan covid-19-pandemin och inspirerat projekt som Cabaz do Peixe till ny energi. Denna virtuella plattform för försäljning av fisk till allmänheten från den lokala småskaliga fiskeflottan garanterar leveranser av färska och högkvalitativa produkter, liksom konsumentsäkerhet.
  • MonPêcheur: Connecting fishers and consumers at the quay!

    - Good Practice Project
    Two neighbouring FLAGs cooperate to support a mobile phone app, MonPêcheur, to connect local fishers with consumers by providing them with an online platform for communicating, promoting, and selling their catches directly to the consumer.
  • Adding fish to local food baskets

    - Good Practice Project
    In Abruzzo, southern Italy, Solidarity Purchasing Groups have teamed up with fishermen to start including fish in their local food baskets.
  • New quality label in Croatia promotes restaurants serving local fish

    - Good Practice Short Story
    In Dalmatia, fishermen and restaurants received support from Galeb FLAG to create the ‘Fishermen recommend’ scheme and quality label, endorsing local fish products.
  • Farming and harvesting seaweed on the shore, on land and at sea

    - Cooperation Idea
    The Association of Professional Seaweed Harvesters of the Shores of Brittany (SRPARB) would like to exchange good practices and expertise between professionals.
  • Recovery of the red lobster stock - fishing techniques and management

    - Cooperation Idea
    The Fisheries Committee of Finistère is looking for exchanges of good practices with Australian professional fishermen on management measures put in place, fishing practices (traps, etc.), protection of juveniles, restocking, etc.
  • Managing discards: lessons from an artisanal fishing fleet

    - Good Practice Short Story
    This FLAG project assesses the challenges of managing the discards produced by the artisanal fishing fleet in the Pontevedra Estuary, Spain. The project clarifies the impact new EU landing obligations will have on the fleet and outlines the future implications and consequences of the measures when they come into force.
  • Aquaponics to produce fish and tomatoes

    - Good Practice Project
    För att begränsa fiskodlingens miljöpåverkan har en grupp lokala aktörer, med inledande stöd från Leader LAG, utvecklat symbiotisk produktion av fisk och tomater till en mycket framgångsrik verksamhet.
  • Ionian 2 FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The territory is located in the central southern Ionian area of Calabria and includes 45 municipalities, classified as "rural areas with overall development problems", with the exception of Catanzaro. It is characterised by a long coast line, the Aspromonte mountain range and is renowned for its very attractive historical, artistic, monumental and environmental heritage.
  • Sun and Blue FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG territory comprises a diverse coastline and sandy dunes and is characterised by several delicate ecosystems. The region is a major tourist destination due to its rich archaeological history.